Dynamic Measurement of Test Coverage with CC ANALYZER


CC ANALYZER measures the test coverage of COBOL and PL/I programs and provides dynamic quality assurance in software development and program maintenance.Dynamic and systematic testing increases the quality of applications. Therefore, CC ANALYZER is instrumental in helping to avoid many of the problems which normally occur during production launches of new or altered applications.


Your Benefits


  • Quality Improvement
    CC ANALYZER provides all information required for compiling quality test data and for optimizing existing test data. CC ANALYZER substantially increases the quality of test data during development and modification/enhancement processes.
  • Cost Reduction
    With the help of CC ANALYZER personell expenses and the cost of development and maintenance projects become planable, because CC ANALYZER runs automatically and simultaneously to the software tests. Manual code processing becomes unnecessary.
  • Localize
    CC ANALYZER finds the source code that was not tested. It delivers exact positions to improve your test cases.
  • Analyze
    CC ANALYZER offers precise information about the frequency of individual program brances and calculates the ratio of executed program intervals to the total existing ones.
  • Reporting
    CC ANALYZER delivers the results in HTML or text reports. They show the exact count as well as the percentage amount of the processed test intervals. All intervals which were not covered by the test are marked.

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