Portfolio Management with CC ASSESS

CC ASSESS is a Portfolio Management Tool and supports the analysis of large software systems developed in Assembler, COBOL, Natural, or Java. CC ASSESS works with a standardized set of measures and metrics, in order to achieve languages independent result sets.In contrast to our static analysis tool CC AUDITOR, CC ASSESS is not intended to perform any quality rules enforcement, but delivers pure measures and metrics for the components. It can be easily extended by the user to create additional specific measures and metrics.

Your Benefits

  • Produce Software Measures and Metrics
    CC ASSESS is an efficient tool to create a useful set of measures and metrics for software components.
  • Cross Reference
    CC ASSESS produces cross reference information in relation to different component types, which reflect the dependence between the different components (e. g. which program used which copy books, which other programs are called etc.).
  • Generate Reports and XML Documents
    The results of all CC ASSESS executions are delivered in an uniform standard report format and therefore can be imported into different file formats (CSV, XML etc.). Due to its portable results formats, CC ASSESS offers the possibility to easily exploit the information and data for further evalutions with other tools or to store it in other systems like a software repository.
  • Adapt the Evaluation to Your Requirements
    CC ASSESS allows the user to specify his own measures and metrics. Additionally, CC ASSESS can be easily adapted to the explicit requirements of a shop and specific analysis features can be added, based on CC ASSESS advanced parser technology.
  • Work Cross Language
    Because of its cross-language support, CC ASSESS is a valuable component of a comprehensive Software Portfolio Management also for large heterogeneous software systems.