Workflow Management with CC OPAIRA*

* “Optimized Process Automation for Integration of Resources and Activities”

CC OPAIRA is a Workflow Management Tool enabling the optimization and automation of processes especially during software development.CC OPAIRA supports the automation of all software development and maintenance processes such as change and configuration management, test management, general tool integration, etc. It provides the support base for many cumbersome and error-prone manual tasks. Due to its careful design, CC OPAIRA offers the same look and feel across distributed and heterogeneous environments. CC OPAIRA improves existing development and maintenance processes as well as newly defined ones thus enabling the developers and managers to concentrate on their core business.

Your Benefits

  • Transparency
    CC OPAIRA provides timely and effective reporting facilities regarding the current status, progress, open tasks, etc.
  • Scalability
    CC OPAIRA can be used in small projects as well as in large development organizations. It supports the step-by-step creation of increasingly sophisticated process models.
  • Productivity Increase
    High automation of various cumbersome processes increases the productivity of the development process and reduces rework due to avoidable errors.
  • Individuality and Flexibility
    A set of XML documents is all what is needed in order to describe the processes and results produced.
  • Tool Independence
    With its set of open interfaces CC OPAIRA can be regarded as an “enterprise tool integrator” for the individual tools available. This leads to an increased efficiency as compared to the ordinary stand alone tool approach.
  • CC OPAIRA as “Central Point of Control”
    The CC OPAIRA server represents the central node for all processes. This guarantees an overall consistency of all results created in the related processes.
  • Saving Time
    Since CC OPAIRA automates a lot of tedious manual tasks only final checks of the results or status checks need to be carried out. Developers and managers can therefore concentrate on more demanding and important work which needs full human attention.
  • Cost Reduction
    The combination of all advantages already listed above leads to a significant increase in speed, productivity and quality of the development process. The result is a rather dramatic cost reduction especially for large projects that put your business at a competitive advantage.