CC Open Source Activities


CC supports the spreading of free software and open standards. CC considers it as a duty to provide its customers with the advantages of the implementation of free software. Open Source not only provides free software but also gives users the right and the ability to modify and adapt the software to meet their specific needs, especially when implemented with our innovative and effecitve “Professional Open Source System Services” (PrOSSyS).



PrOSSyS includes:


  • information about releases and recommendations for the operation
  • the delivery of tested Open Source applications
  • support during the preparation and installation
  • adaptation of the programs on custom specific requirements and needs
  • support and service of the Open Source environments
  • development and maintenance of system components
  • trouble shooting, 1st level support

Back in December 2000 CC started with the first tests of free office applications and with the development of the CC product CC OPAIRA (platform-independent and cross-platform tool for the automation of software processes) based on free standards and Open Source products.