The CC Outsourcing Concept


Decreasing IT budgets, cost consolidation, and a national as well as international rigorous competition force companies to find better management concepts. After the “New Economy”, the IT sector has caught up with economical reality. Cost optimization and focus on the main business have become magical words in all businesses.



Yet, outsourcing of IT services is nothing new, but the topic has become much more significant, “on-shore” within Germany or “off-shore” in regions like India or Eastern Europe, for example.



For the maintenance of the individual software systems CC developed the turn-key solution ReMain.



The CC Outsourcing Concept ReMain differs from the traditional outsourcing especially in one respect: all resulting maintenance tasks are carried out by an international network, the “CC Maintenance Factory” in India, and our customer’s maintenance cost of the existing individual and/or standard software is drastically minimized.