CC Reengineering – Software Evolution Enabling


The methods, implementation and process possibilies of the modern information technology continue to develop at a faster pace than fundamental business processes.



We at CC made it our business to keep our customer’s software systems current through Reengineering processes with Software Evolution Enabling. We provide our clients with the ‘best of both worlds’ by making the most of what exists within the IT environment of today, in order to get it ready to take on tomorrow.



Our vision to modernize existing software systems, and to expand and optimize, instead of replacing them, allows us to provide our customers with the best of the past, the present, and the future.



Some of the professional services we offer are:



  • Software Strategy, Architecture, and Method Consulting
  • Quality Analysis and Evaluation of Software Systems
  • Modernization of existing applications
  • Conversion of IT-Systems to platform independent components
  • Legacy Transformation and Integration
  • Migration of Database and Transaction Managers
  • Controlling and Realization of Software Projects
  • Complete Development resp. Redevelopment of Individual Software
  • Integration of Open Source and Standard Software Systems
  • Configuration-, Process-, and Test Management