Transformation with CC ARTISAN

Based on standard guidelines and your company specific transformation rules, CC ARTISAN reformats your COBOL programs automatically.Together with our quality analysis tool CC AUDITOR structure and format problems will be eliminated.

Your Benefits

  • Individual and Flexible
    CC ARTISAN is adaptable to your individal, company specific programming standards and automatically reformats your COBOL programs based on given or user-defined transformation rules.
  • Maintenance Friendly
    With CC ARTISAN your program code will be prepared for reengineering activities, the code appearance is standardized and therefore better readable. Foreign programs are transformed to company specific standards easier and more secure.
  • Increased Productivity
    Especially due to the improved readability of the code, CC ARTISAN users are able to focus on the neccessary development functions. Because CC ARTISAN assures and standardizes the reformatting automatically.
  • Cost Reduction
    With the help of CC ARTISAN personell expenses and the costs of development and maintenance projects become planable, because CC ARTISAN ensures the fast working into of foreign programs as well as the easy processing of the code. Manual code processing during a large reengineering project for example, is drastically minimized.
  • Reporting
    Extensive Reports show the user in detail the improvements of the programs. The changed source code is provided based on a copy of the original program. Here, you will find some Sample Reports.
  • Total Quality Management
    CC ARTISAN is an easily implemented addition to our metric-based quality assurance tool CC AUDITOR, which serves the static analysis of source code. CC ARTISAN considers and applies the CC AUDITOR results of quality measurements and evaluations automatically.

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