Checking Your Program Guidelines with CC AUDITOR

CC AUDITOR is a quality assurance tool for the static quality analysis of COBOL, Natural and PL/I programs as well as complete application systems. CC AUDITOR also provides numerous complexity metrics that can be used for portfolio analysis and quality monitoring.

CC AUDITOR uses standard and company-specific quality guidelines to check the machine for compliance with the individual programming guidelines. Furthermore, CC AUDITOR carries out a machine check involving company-specific limit values. It is possible to use any number of quality grids to measure the program quality and thus contributes significantly to high-performance, clear and maintenance-friendly programming.

CC AUDITOR supports you in implementing legal or regulatory requirements, for example with regard to ISO / IEC 25000 and ISO / IEC 25010.

Test the CC AUDITOR (Windows/Linux) free of charge for 4 weeks and convince yourself of the advantages. If you are interested please click on “Interested?” and enter “CC AUDITOR Test” in the Subject field.


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