Checking Your Program Guidelines with CC AUDITOR


CC AUDITOR is a quality assurance tool for the static quality analysis of COBOL, Natural, and PL/I programs and entire application systems.Based on given standards and your company specific quality guidelines, CC AUDITOR takes over the automatic testing of the source code conformity, and therefore substantially contributes to high-performance, clear, and maintenance friendly programs, while assisting during the realization of customer or company specific conventions regarding ISO 9000, CMM, and TQM.


Your Benefits


  • Code Review
    CC AUDITOR enables to test for programming standards during the development stage already. Measuring the software is automated and the staff is freed of time consuming, manual code reviews.
  • Individual and Flexible
    CC AUDITOR provides a complete library of rules containing over 1000 standard metrics. This metric inventory can be easily supplemented with user-defined metrics.
  • Cross-Language
    CC AUDITOR supports the simultaneous analysis of programs of varying languages and therefore enables a company-wide, conform quality assurance.
  • Reporting
    Extensive Reports show in detail where deviations to the given guideline or standards are encountered. The user receives important information in order to realize the objective of maintainability, portability, performance, and readability. At the same time, programs are identified, that require the most maintenance. Here, you will find some Sample Reports.
  • Cost Reduction
    With the help of CC AUDITOR time and staff efforts become planable and understandable. CC AUDITOR establishes the timely total effort and expense within the projects and supervises the progress of individual programs within the frame of the complete project.

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